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Welcome to the Random Viewing page of Sparky’s Classic TV, where you can watch random episodes of classic Television shows online, and always free, from the 50′s to the 90′s.Check out our growing menu of individual shows on the right menu. Great Old Time TV , like Hogan’s Heroes, Get Smart, The Golden Girls,The Twilight Zone…The list of great old time Classic television rolls on!

All videos are found, and hosted at youtube and other video hosting sites. They are catagorized into playlists, and shown here. No Copyright Infringement is intended. This site is for educational purposes only. The goal is to educate the public that Television used to be a few good channels, with quality programming, unlike todays television which is 1000′s of channels of shit.(And you have to pay for it.)

The classic tv shows here will often change, so stop back often. This site will always remain free, and in the public domain. We will continue, with the help of private, and public individuals, to bring to you quality shows like Hogan’s Heroes, Get Smart, Mork and Mindy, The Golden Girls, and all of the old television shows that we have enjoyed over the last few Decades. Thanks to the posters of these videos.

Here is what is playing this month on this page at Sparky’s Classic TV…

  • Ryker - The Virginian. - Season 3. Ep 1. REQUEST. John Hagen brings Ryker to Medicine Bow as he wants him to stop Ed Hale from completing a cattle drive. Ryker turns the job down but Hale is killed anyway and Ryker gets the blame.
  • The Lone Ranger - The Masked Rider - The Lone Ranger series chronicles the legend of the Lone Ranger and how Dan Reid (Clayton Moore) became the masked rider of the plains. Discover how he was rescued from certain death, how he found "Silver" his fabulous wild stallion, the m
  • Gunsmoke S11E22 Wishbone - Gunsmoke is an American radio and television Western drama series created by director Norman MacDonnell and writer John Meston. The stories take place in and around Dodge City, Kansas, during the settlement of the American West. The TV series ran fr
  • Gunsmoke Full Episode Season 5 Episode 21 - Hinka Do - Gunsmoke Full Episode 5x21 Summary - Matt has reason to believe that new overweight, gun toting, straight shooting, female owner of Lady Gay saloon, may have killed the previous owner, or did she? Premiering on CBS in September 1955 and completing
  • Gunsmoke Full Episode Season 9 Episode 14 - The Glory and the Mud - Gunsmoke Full Episode 9x14 Summary - A retired lawman and showman wants only to settle down with the Dodge seamstress he left behind twenty years ago, but a young whippersnapper hopes to make a name for himself by challenging the aging gun to a duel
  • Private video -
  • The Wild Wild West Full Episode Season 2 Episode 23 - The Night of the Surreal McCoy - The Wild Wild West Tv Series Full Episodes - Season 2 Episode 23 Summary: Agents West and Gordon are guarding a museum containing the famous Herzberg jewels but someone still manages to steal the gems. Afterwards, a famous painting of Western scene
  • Maverick -- western TV show Westerns TV-WAR OF THE SILVER KINGS - Maverick Full Tv Series Season 1 Episode 1 - We first glimpse Bret unshaven & dirty, lugging a rifle, trying to register at a classy hotel. Using the $1000 bill pinned inside his jacket, and adding some dollar-size strips cut from a newspaper, B
  • Bonanza Full Episodes Season 4 Episode 21 - The Hayburner -
  • Tate - The Bounty Hunter - Tate is an American Western television series that aired on NBC from June 8 until September 14, 1960. It was created by Harry Julian Fink, who wrote most of the scripts, and produced by Perry Como's Roncom Video Films, Inc., as a summer replacement
  • "SHOTGUN SLADE" (The Laughing Widow} - "SHOTGUN SLADE" (The Laughing Widow) Season 2, Episode10. Airdate December 19th, 1960. Starring, Scott Brady. With guest stars, Allison Hayes, and H.M.Wynant.
  • Death Valley Days - Sego Lillies (1953), Full Episode, Western TV show - Death Valley Days - Sego Lillies, Season 1, Episode 16 Original Airdate: Apr 28, 1953. A young Mormon couple comes to Salt Lake City from Boston and they must learn to adapt to their new home in the West. Music in this episode is performed by the Mo
  • Cisco Kid Counterfeit Money Full Length Episode - Cisco Kid Counterfeit Money Full Length Episode. Watch hundreds of free western movies and TV show episodes online.
  • The Wild Wild West Full Episode Season 1 Episode 14 - The Night of the Howling Light - The Wild Wild West Tv Series Full Episodes - Season 1 Episode 14 Summary: Jim and Arte must deliver a message of peace to Chief Ho-Tami, head of the Indian tribes. Dr. Arcularis captures Jim in an attempt to stop the treaty signing. James West and
  • Cowboy G Men FULL EPISODE Ozark Gold - brings this gem of a western show to the internet . This is the very first episode of this wonderful public domain 1950s cowboy television series. Starring Russell Hayden as Pat Gallagher and Jackie Coogan as Stoney Crocket
  • Shotgun Slade The Deadly Key full episode - brings another episode of The Shotgun Slade western television show. This show is in the public domain there are 78 episodes. this episode is titled The Deadly Key . Original airing date was March 8 of 1960 . This is episod
  • Judge Roy Bean FULL EPISODE The Eyes of Texas - brings another episode of The Judge Roy Bean TV show . This is episode 19 The Eyes of Texas with Edgar Buchanan as Judge Roy Bean and Jackie Loughery as Letty Bean . Wild West Toys toyguntown website sponsers these westerns
  • The Cisco Kid FULL EPISODE Big Switch - brings another free public domain western television show to the web . This is The Cisco Kid starring Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carrillo in episode 4 season 1 original airing date was 26 September 1950 . toyguntown is Wild Wes
  • The Lone Ranger - High Heels - The Lone Ranger series chronicles the legend of the Lone Ranger and how Dan Reid (Clayton Moore) became the masked rider of the plains. Discover how he was rescued from certain death, how he found "Silver" his fabulous wild stallion, the m

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